The Beauty Rooms Nutrition for the Menopause

The Beauty Rooms Nutrition for the Menopause

It was wonderful to meet you all at the talk on Nutrition for the Menopause.

As promised please find attached on the links below a selection of recipes that are balanced with slow releasing carbs, protein and some fat and that contain nutrients that were discussed at the talk.

Also attached on the link below is the food list of Glycemic Load of common foods. The GL is a tool than can help predict how much a specific carbohydrate food may increase blood sugar and so the higher the GL number, the higher the spike and the lower the number the more it can assist in keeping blood sugar levels more stable. An ideal number is 1o-12  from your carbohydrates per meal for weight loss or 12-15 for weight maintenance.

Here are the links:

 Menopause talk recipes

GL food list handout

I look forward to seeing you at another talk soon. Feel free to email with any questions you may have.



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