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Helen runs a variety of nutrition programmes in Ascot where she provides a solid understanding of food and nutrition and the science behind how it can impact our bodies.

Helen also designs and runs tailor made events and training sessions for companies to support their wellbeing initiatives. She has worked with nursing and care agencies and national brands.

Her informative and motivating style leaves people inspired and well equipped to implement her recommended plans.

“After attending Helen’s programme I was delighted that my HbA1c diabetic measure had significantly reduced and that I had lost a stone in weight. I feel healthier and happier and have a new outlook on my approach to food. Helen not only taught me the basics of a healthy diet but provided me with continued support and guidance. I particularly liked the interaction the course provided with other people with similar health goals”

Nutrition for Diabetes programme attendee Jan 2017

Energy and Weight Programme

Learn about the foods and diets that are associated with weight loss, blood sugar balance and good energy levels, backed by the latest scientific research, to help you change the way you eat for long term health and wellbeing.

There are various daytime and evening programmes ranging from 3 weeks to 12 weeks. Each provides:

  • An individual diet analysis and health review for each person before starting the programme
  • Weekly informative sessions and discussions on weight related topics
  • Programme booklet and food diary
  • Menus, recipes and food shopping lists provided throughout the programme
  • Email support between sessions

For programme dates, more information or to book a place please contact me.

Diabetes and Arthritis Programmes

Research consistently highlights that diet changes have the potential to prevent and manage symptoms and complications associated with diabetes and arthritis.

On both programmes you will learn the basics of what a healthy diet consists of and the different foods related to either Type 2 Diabetes or Arthritis. You will be guided through a diet plan over the three weeks which will be supported by menus and recipes. Ongoing support is provided by Helen in between sessions.

At the end of the 3 weeks there will be the option to attend monthly check-in sessions to help you maintain a long term focus on your diet changes.


  • An individual diet analysis and health review for each person before starting the programme
  • 3 weekly group sessions
  • Programme booklet and food diary
  • Weekly menus and recipes and food shopping lists
  • Email support between sessions
The Food Coach